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Meet the Crazy entertainers from Crazy Pianos, who turn every night into a party. The Crazy Pianists also play request songs, request your favorite and enjoy the live performances.


Our own ''Pianoman'' Stevie J! Stevie J. started playing the guitar as a 6-year-old and short after he discovered his passion for the piano. We enjoy that every day! Stevie started in small bands in the UK, he traveled to other places and ended up in the Netherlands at Crazy Pianos. Stevie J. has been a Crazy pianist since the opening of Crazy Pianos in 1999 and knows better than anyone how to entertain the audience! We asked Stevie J. what he loves about entertaining. His beautiful words say enough about his character: ''It's not just for one group of people. It's for all ages. From a kid, up to the oldest person in the world. Everybody comes together and it's one big fun night out! That's what makes it special''


Vincent has been playing at Crazy Pianos for 14 years and has been incredible ever since! Vincent strives to play every song you can think of. He keeps an eye on the major hitsongs like no other and makes it almost a sport to be able to play them all flawlessly within a short period of time. Do you have Dutch request songs? Vincent is the piano player to hand over your request song! He prefers to play together with his colleague Kevin Owen, and believe us... when that happens you will find him instead of behind the piano, ON TOP the pianos during their dueling show. The roof will be on fire!


Kevin Owen's career grew out of his breathtaking singing talent. He took piano lessons when he was just 8 years old and never looked back. After studying classical and jazz vocals, composition and arranging at St F.X University, it was clear that music would always be in Kevin's future. Kevin is originally from Canada, he brings his influences also to the Crazy stage. He is proud to play all the requests songs that are from well-known Canadians such as Justin Bieber, Michael Bublé and Shawn Mendes! Kevin is a real party entertainer who is indispensable at Crazy Pianos!


Marco Oostra lives and breathes music! Marco started performing in small bars accompanying himself on both the piano and guitar. When he got the chance to become a permanent piano entertainer at Crazy Pianos in Scheveningen in 2014, he grabbed this opportunity with both hands. Now in 2023 he has grown into an experienced piano entertainer with a very large and diverse repertoire. Marco also makes his own music that he proudly presents to our Crazy guests. Marco even wrote a Dutch song called ''De Barman'' about the hardworking bar staff and how happy he gets when it's time to have a drink with his audience! Marco is a real party animal and all guests won't go home until they've gone CRAZY on his AC/DC covers!


Hans taught himself to play the piano at a young age. He then played in different bands as a student, but the music and especially the entertainment definitely wins it when he steps behind the piano at Crazy Pianos. Hans has an incredibly great talent for building a party. He involves the audience during his performances and ensures that everyone is an experienced richer after an evening at Crazy Pianos. Hans is certainly not afraid to make his colleagues and audience laugh. Hans can also be called the singing comic piano entertainer. With all his hilarious jokes between his songs, you are always assured of a performance full of humour, laughter and above all singing along loudly!


Eveline Carels! The first professional female drummer in the Netherlands and also the most badass woman in Crazy Pianos! Eveline studied at the conservatory in Rotterdam. She dropped out to go on a world tour with saxophonist Candy Dulfer! Eveline has built up a national and international career. After this adventure she became Lois Lane's permanent drummer. Eveline is a real world traveler with a lot of stage experience. After playing on Ibiza for a while, Eveline started drumming at the Crazy Pianos stage in 2005. Our pride Eveline has been prodigious ever since! Her drum solos are breathtaking! ''Sometimes we have to step out of our comfort zone a bit, but that doesn't matter, because the result is well worth it: A full dance floor in the Club or theater with people laughing, singing and sweating!'' says Eveline.


Jos van Dijk is a drummer within Crazy Pianos. Jos entered Crazy Pianos with the idea that he would perform for maybe 6 months. Now, 10 years later and Jos is still rocking the drums like no other. Jos comes from a musical family. His father played the guitar, his uncle the saxophone and Jos already chose the drums when he was 9 years old! Music is everything to him, and it soon became clear that he had a musical career ahead of him. Jos is a real help- and cheerful added value within the team of entertainers at Crazy Pianos. Every work day is a party for him and not a day goes by without lots of humor. Jos is full of great talent for sensing which way the pianists want to go. Two chords and Jos immediately knows what is about to happen. ''The unique thing about Crazy Pianos is that we are all in the moment together. The guests, bar staff, entertainers and floor staff. Nothing is too crazy, and everything is possible. That’s special'' albus Jos van Dijk


Adrian Piper is a real asset to the Crazy Team! Adrian was only 4 years old when he traveled to the rehearsals of his parents who played in different bands. It soon became clear to his parents that Adrian had great potential. As a 5-year-old boy, his parents took him to his first piano lesson. That's where the love for the black and white keys started. Adrian studied the guitar at the Conservatory in Romania with a secondary instrument... The piano! After his study, Adrian started working as a piano entertainer and has been a wonderful addition to our Team since 2022. Besides playing at Crazy Pianos, he produces a lot of music for artists all over the world! With his beautiful characteristic voice, we are proud that Adrian has made the choice to join Crazy Pianos!


Bart is one of the younger entertainers within Crazy Pianos. Bart played at Crazy Pianos for the first time on Christmas Day 2019. When Bart received a phone call from his friend and pianist Marco Oostra with the message that a pianist was last minute needed, he didn't hesitate for a second. He took this opportunity with both hands. That Christmas evening went so well that Bart stayed since then and we still enjoy that every day! When Bart was a little boy the one day picked up his father's old keyboard from the attic, combined with vocals, he practiced a lot and from there he continued to play in a band with his brother. As a result, Bart created a lot of playing experience at a young age, which he can now apply behind the red Pianos. In 2022, Bart even graduated as a keyboard player at the Conservatory of Haarlem in the POP department. From romantic to up-tempo dance songs, Bart can do it all!


James! ''An Englishman in Crazy Pianos''. The English James has been playing at Crazy Pianos for quite some time and with his jazz repertoire he gets the guests certainly on the dance floor! James is the life of the party and together with his sense of humour, it's always fun as soon as he steps on our stage. Over the past 10 years, James has produced multiple shows for the most special celebrity parties. James plays in a band with his wife, but fortunately he can still be found behind our red pianos on a regular basis!


Bonno Getz is the youngest entertainer within Crazy Pianos. In the summer of 2022, Bonno visits Crazy Pianos as a guest on our terrace a couple of times and eventually asked if we were looking for piano entertainers. Soon Bonno auditioned for Stevie J. and was no longer a guest, but a Crazy entertainer! Bonno has a particular love for the 50s and 60s. Elvis is his hero! The Beatles and ABBA are also real guilty pleasures for him. Bonno started learning to play the classical piano when he was 10 years old, but soon he started playing in rock bands and writing music himself. When Bonno first saw the red pianos one summer evening, Crazy Pianos was the perfect place for him to play! He likes the mix of entertaining the most. Humor, Music and being Crazy!