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Meet the Crazy entertainers from Crazy Pianos, who turn every night into a party. The Crazy Pianists also play request songs, request your favorite and enjoy the live performances.


Stevie J. has been a crazy pianist since the opening of Crazy Pianos and knows better than anyone how to entertain the audience. He himself is the most fan of the music from the 90's.


Fleur entered Crazy Pianos as a 15-year-old girl and asked if she could play a song. The same day she was on stage outside on the boulevard. In the meantime, she is a mega talent and she has participated in The Voice and regularly sings covers through her social media channel.


Marco lives and breathes music! Marco started performing in small restaurants and bars accompanying himself on both the piano and guitar. When he got the chance to become a regular piano entertainer at Crazy Pianos in Scheveningen in 2014, he grabbed the opportunity with both hands. Now he has grown into an experienced piano entertainer with a very large and diverse repertoire.


Vincent gets a lot of energy from the audience at Crazy Pianos. He is the pianist for Dutch songs, because he knows almost all of them! But Bruno Mars is also a favorite artist of Vincent.


Hans taught himself to play the piano at an early age. He then played in different bands as a schoolboy and student, but the music finally wins when he gets behind the piano at Crazy Pianos.


Kevin Owen’s career sprouted from a place of instinctive talent, with his picking up piano lessons at only 8 years old and never looking back. After studying Classical and Jazz Voice, Composition and Arranging at St F.X University, It was clear that music was always going to be in Kevin’s future, and he didn’t disappoint.


The English James has been playing with Crazy Pianos for quite some time and he certainly gets the guests on the dance floor with his jazz repertoire. Request songs from him and see if he also knows your favorite song.


Eveline can accompany all pianists with the drum sticks, she herself says she likes to groove with Stevie.


Jos likes to play with energy. Jazz-rock and funk are mainly the styles from which he draws inspiration. Playing in Crazy Pianos is like good food for him with all "flavours" passing by, fresh and always challenging. Accompaniment, grooving and sometimes "a little more POWER"..